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About Us

Our Mission

Scoop O Dough is dedicated to providing top quality products and excellent service. Customer relationships, value and integrity are the cornerstones of Scoop O Dough long standing reputation. We challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and use our knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence to the best of our ability.

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Our Story

Scoop O Dough was originally founded as Dough & Shake on one simple premise: Corporate America isn't for everyone. Co-Founder Gavin Binner knew that there was more to life than the routine daily grind of just going to work and coming home, day in and day out. Dozens of ideas later, a new brand started taking shape. Shortly after, the first location opened in April 2018 as Dough & Shake at The Lebanon Farmers Market. The response was incredible! On opening weekend, customers were lined up to see the hype of the new edible cookie dough shop in town. After running out of supplies on the first day, it was clear that the concept was a runaway success.
Customer feedback over the next several years demanded that the concept be taken mobile - the requests for our edible cookie dough and ice cream for parties, food truck festivals and more poured in. Months of design and fine tuning led to the first mobile unit being launched in April 2019 and being transformed into Scoop O Dough. There was an immediate following - everyone loved the bright and flash cookie dough trailer!

Demand grew stronger, and an additional mobile unit was added in November 2020. Scoop O Dough now serves the Lancaster, Hershey, York, Bloomsburg, and Harrisburg areas!!!

April 2018

Dough & Shake was founded and opened in The Lebanon Farmers Market

March 2020

Dough & Shake transformed into Scoop O Dough and went mobile

November 2020

Scoop O Dough Opened their second food trailer

January 2022

Scoop O Dough upgraded their first trailer into a truck 

April 2022

Hired Corporate staff for 2023 expansion and online shipping 

September 2022

Scoop O Dough begins process of franchising in the USA

January 2024

Launched E Commerce Site through Dough To Door.

February 2024

We launched PA Original Milkshakes and launched our first Milkshake Tent Setup

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